These pirates were sailing along in the sea. Then, they saw a bottle floating near the boat. The pirates were confused.

The pirates fished the bottle out of the sea and found a map in it. After they found the map, the pirates set sail for the treasure.

On their journey, lots of creatures attacked the pirate ship. The biggest of them all was the blue sea dragon.

The pirates fought bravely, defeating the monstrous, blue sea dragon.

Then, the pirates landed on the secret island. Battling through creepy jungles, facing scary animals, the pirates finally came to the volcanic mountain.

A lava monster attacked the pirates. Some of them didn’t survive. The remaining pirates went into the cave in the mountain and found a row boat.

Taking the boat, the pirates rowed through the secret caverns to the next island.

Avoiding spiky rocks, the pirates landed on the final island. A huge boulder with spikes remained in their path. The captain found the hidden lever, revealing the opening into the cave.

Through darkness and rocky danger, the pirates fought the Carnotaur guarding the treasure. They discovered the message on the map that told the pirates how to pass the Carnotaur without killing him.

The pirates passed the Carnotaur to finally discover the lost treasure.

The end.

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