• Brand Art Designs in Canva

    Brand Art Designs in Canva

    This is a muscle Amazon guy and more below! This is Pinterest logos. Time for Music with Spotify! This website is on WordPress.com. We made this to show how much we like WordPress. If you want to make your own website, go create one now! Canva is how I made all the other stuff! YouTube…

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  • Lego Mini Pirate Treasure Island

    Lego Mini Pirate Treasure Island

    We had a miniature Lego build challenge, and the theme was Pirates. This is the first post. It’s a Pirate ship landing on an island with a treasure keep. Check out all the fun details! What do you think of the ship build? We used all basic Lego bricks. The mast, sail, and cannons are…

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  • Knights and Dragons on the Battlefield

    Knights and Dragons on the Battlefield

    Once upon a time, in a magical land full of enchantment and bravery, there were two mighty castles standing side by side. One castle belonged to the benevolent Good King, while the other was occupied by the mischievous Black Knight. The Good King was known far and wide for his wisdom and kindness. He had…

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  • Light and Dark

    Light and Dark

    Here is my drawing of a happy brachiosaurus. It’s light, happy, and he is eating leaves. Tree stars 🌳. This pet of the image is dark. The Carnotaur is eating a parasaurolophus. There is a volcano and lightning ⚡️. And a scared chicken and pterodactyl. Light and dark. Which is your favorite?

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  • Jesus Calms the Storm Lego

    Jesus Calms the Storm Lego

    We read the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm. We recreated the scene with Lego bricks. TD Bricks has a cool tutorial on YouTube for making Lego waves. It worked! Here the storm is about to sink the boat with all the disciples, until Jesus is woken up to rebuke the sea. Jesus Calms…

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  • Origami Lizard

    Origami Lizard

    This is a fun origami project. The little guy found his way into our tree to hang out for the day. Here’s a cute short story imagined about our little lizard friend. “The Enchanting Escapades of Oliver the Radiant Lizard and Emily” Once upon a time, in a quiet little neighborhood, there was a tree…

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  • Monster Rumble Truck

    Monster Rumble Truck

    This custom truck is a fast racing monster truck. The engine roars so loud the ground rumbles under your feet. Do you like this truck? Should we do a tutorial on how to build it? Should we submit it to the Lego Ideas store?

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  • Ninjago Battle Wagon

    Ninjago Battle Wagon

    The humungous Ninjago Battle Wagon is ready for war! These guys are angry and out for vengeance. They are searching for the Ninjago heroes to capture them. This is the Captain’s second in command. He is getting the soldiers ready for battle and protecting the rear of the battle wagon. He has horrifying wings on…

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  • Lego Ninjago on Fire

    Lego Ninjago on Fire

    We wanted to create a dramatic character for our heroes to battle. This Ninjago villain is standing in roaring flames, ready to do battle. We built up a black rock stand with fire bricks and other see through orange pieces. The back of the Ninja villain has a cape, medieval sword, and shield. Combining different…

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  • Sandman


    Grandpa brought a bunch of old Hero Clix superheroes last time he visited. It inspired the latest creation: Sandman. We sat with dad to draw the Spider-Man villain, using the miniature as our model. Here’s how it turned out.

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