• Lego Ninjago on Fire

    Lego Ninjago on Fire

    We wanted to create a dramatic character for our heroes to battle. This Ninjago villain is standing in roaring flames, ready to do battle. We built up a black rock stand with fire bricks and other see through orange pieces. The back of the Ninja villain has a cape, medieval sword, and shield. Combining different…

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  • Sandman


    Grandpa brought a bunch of old Hero Clix superheroes last time he visited. It inspired the latest creation: Sandman. We sat with dad to draw the Spider-Man villain, using the miniature as our model. Here’s how it turned out.

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  • Frog chillin’ at sunset

    Frog chillin’ at sunset

    This was a cute colored pencil drawing. This cute frog is enjoying the sunset on the pond.

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  • Spider-Man!


    Spider-Man is swinging through the air! We did another drawing challenge with dad. We found a step-by-step drawing tutorial of Spider-Man on YouTube. How did we do? Which drawing is the kid creation?

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  • Thor love and thunder

    Thor love and thunder

    Thor is angry really angry 😠😡😤!

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  • The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk

    We asked our dad to draw something and then we would try to copy it. He can pick anything he wants, and we draw on the same page if there is enough room. When it is done, we color both of the drawings in. Can you tell which drawing was dad’s?

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  • Boba Fett!

    Boba Fett!

    This is Boba Fett. I drew him with pencil first. Then I traced the drawing with a black marker. Finally, I colored him.

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  • Lego Miniature Space Shuttle

    Lego Miniature Space Shuttle

    This is an older build we did, but we learned how to give it a good update in Canva. Our original photo we took with a computer screen as the background to make it look like our miniature Lego space shuttle was exploring a new planet, but the picture was too dark. Plus our hand…

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  • Lego Micro Machines

    Lego Micro Machines

    We got creative with these micro builds. What’s your favorite vehicle?

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  • Avocado Dreams

    Avocado Dreams

    Before you start creating 3D art, it’s a good idea to get your ideas sketched out on a piece of paper. For this avocado creation, we wanted to make a little jewelry dish and a miniature charm to go with it. Here’s the first sketch of the idea. Now here is the finished jewelry dish.…

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