We wanted to create a dramatic character for our heroes to battle. This Ninjago villain is standing in roaring flames, ready to do battle.

We built up a black rock stand with fire bricks and other see through orange pieces.

The back of the Ninja villain has a cape, medieval sword, and shield. Combining different Lego sets can make really cool characters.

Here’s a dramatic view of our Ninja villain, looking up from the bottom of the black rock. This imitating view makes him look unbeatable.

You might notice the all black background and all of the fire elements in the front. We spent some time making the picture more cinematic in Canva. Here is a before and after you can slide between:

Before and after of edited Ninja scene

First we added the image to Canva and used the background remover tool. Then we changed the background color of the image to black. For the fire pieces, we found an image online, removed the background, then duplicated it a bunch of times to make even more fire for the scene.

How do you think it turned out? What could we do to make this scene bigger?

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