The humungous Ninjago Battle Wagon is ready for war!

These guys are angry and out for vengeance. They are searching for the Ninjago heroes to capture them.

This is the Captain’s second in command. He is getting the soldiers ready for battle and protecting the rear of the battle wagon. He has horrifying wings on his back to fly from ship to ship and battle to battle. His sharp blade will cut through any Ninjago hero like butter.

The battle wagon is an all terrain vehicle. Nothing can stop it. Here are villains are searching for the hiding spot of the Ninjago heroes.

The battle wagon has tons of weapons, special driver spots with protection, and jail for the captured heroes.

Captain Eye Patch leads the villains on their search. He is a tough leader and a seasoned warrior. He is angry for not finding the Ninjago heroes yet. His only goal is to capture and destroy the heroes for taking out his eye and hand.

If you get near the Ninjago Villain Battle Wagon, you better run!

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